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Another October

October is part of my favorite and also gut punches when I see it coming on the calendar. The thought of resting time coming, sweatshirts, leaves and the crispness it fills me with just joy. And then I also know, yup it’s coming again. This is the month my feed gets filled with all my…

Running into Uncertainty

Well seems weird to be writing through yet more uncertain times. I wonder what precedented times are. Growing up my youth milestones were Columbine and a time of school before mass shooting drills were a norm. I sat through a day at school before smart phones and TVs were wheeled into classrooms to watch the…

How Can I Help?

Recently I’ve watched a friend walk through some deep waters. I’ve seen the posts on Facebook posting updates on the situation and each day I see the “How can I help”. Here’s the thing the person going through whatever grief and struggle you are asking for is the last person who needs one more thing…

Filling the Christmas Stocking

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care. But what to fill with the one who is not here? The lonely stocking meant to be filled with excitement and childhood wonder.

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