Transformed Me

Is #transformationtuesday still a thing people do? I guess I see lots of posts of people at the gym and their physical body progress when they use this hashtag! Here’s mine... ⠀⠀ I have transformed from a shy girl who once had posters of Hanson and N’Sync lining her bedroom walls. A girl who didn’t [...]


The Kids Who Made Me Mom

What a strange day this is. I think it’s usually full of expectations that rarely are all fulfilled. A day that’s hard for women waiting to be moms, wanting all her kids in a picture, babies that weren’t big enough to hold. If you are missing your child, longing for one wanting this day to [...]

Celebrating and Smiling

Looking at them makes me want to celebrate and smile. So many times I felt like I see other families that have a child and have a new pregnancy and they either totally disappear from social media or they only talk about the new baby. ⠀⠀ Allison is struggling with not being the only kid [...]

I can’t believe I blinked

How has 8 months gone by so fast? Joanna you bring so much sunshine my rainbow girl! You seem happy just to be apart of the action and want so badly to crawl and keep up with those big kids. Selfishly I’d be happy if you stayed in this stage of moms my favorite person [...]

Saturday of waiting

I remember as a kid hearing from my pastor that he loved Easter 🐣 more than Christmas 🎄 as a kid I together was crazy! Who would pick hard boiled eggs over presents????? ⠀⠀ Since understanding loss and longing for heaven I appreciate this time so much differently than I did before. I understand the [...]

Motherhood Confessions

Can I tell you what I’ve been really awesome at doing this week......talking to myself like I’m dirt. ⠀⠀ I mean things that if I heard come out of my daughters mouth I’d be saying “excuse me? Go clean your mouth and try that again because that’s not how I’ve raised you!” ⠀⠀ I have [...]

There’s nothing better for me than looking at my rainbow 🌈 girl and dressing her in all the rainbows! Like poor “Diamond Sparkle” will always have a wardrobe of rainbows and sparkle stuff 😆 Sorry kid get used to it! I take everything that goes on her so seriously. I want to do the absolute [...]