Another October

October is part of my favorite and also gut punches when I see it coming on the calendar. The thought of resting time coming, sweatshirts, leaves and the crispness it fills me with just joy. And then I also know, yup it’s coming again.

This is the month my feed gets filled with all my fellow loss moms. We remember that this is a month usually known widely as the “pink” month but our little subset knows too well you add a little baby blue there and we’re remembering too.

Today I honestly wasn’t prepared for what I knew would be coming on my feed. I wanted to look away, but also wanted to comment on every post and tell that mama how loved they are. How not alone they were.

Then today our community started to become mainstream when Chrissy Tiegan and John Legend announcer they sadly had lost their baby Jack during pregnancy Huffington Post.

The double gut punch of this stranger celebrity sharing a loss with the world. The more grief is recognized as love. Takes vulnerability of sharing this pain. It’s helping people see a husband grieving with her, it’s seeing the pain of what it means to be pregnant and suddenly not and not be holding your baby.

October will always be beauty and heartbreak like the grief that is remembered. It’s love and missing, joy and longing.

Author: Beyondthewillows

I'm a wife, mother to two incredible children. One on Earth and one in heaven.

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