How Can I Help?

Recently I’ve watched a friend walk through some deep waters. I’ve seen the posts on Facebook posting updates on the situation and each day I see the “How can I help”.

Here’s the thing the person going through whatever grief and struggle you are asking for is the last person who needs one more thing to decide on in life.

Here’s how you help. You show up!

You call and say “I’m coming over with milk and all the crappy snacks for you and your kids. Because let’s face it going inside a grocery store and answering “how’s it going?” Mindlessly isn’t really something anyone in struggle wants.

Is it sunny outside, now the lawn. Did it snow? Come show up with a shovel.

Call and say I’m coming over and doing your laundry and if you need a nap I’m a babysitter.

Show up with all the freezer meals and gift cards for delivery, because yes hot meals really do fill hearts too.

Show up however that looks. Here’s the secret to grief and hard roads. It takes someone strong enough to say I’m coming over to sit and talk or not talk. I’m here if you just want to cry together and not talk.

So start thinking what would you want. What did you do for your family tonight? Chances are those simple basics are what others need too.

Author: Beyondthewillows

I'm a wife, mother to two incredible children. One on Earth and one in heaven.

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