Even though I thought that we had been careful with our budget and that our Christmas bonus would have easily paid off any other end of year expenses. When the month was over and I really analyzed what we’d spent I’d realized that our bonus was gone, but looking around we couldn’t really pin point on what it had gone on.

Maybe all those Amazon boxes in the garage should’ve been my first clue to where it’d gone. Or that ETSY delivery I was mildly stocking the tracking of. Or maybe it was at the grocery store and restaurants for all the celebrating. Or maybe it just went to that great personal property tax bill. Thanks Missouri for that Christmas present! You couldn’t let us just pay that one in January????

So we assessed our habits looking back and really what needed to happen was a browsing ban. A ban on the mindless scrolling of emails with sales, strolling the aisles of box stores and suddenly spending $100-$200 and asking ourselves I really don’t know what just happened. So here’s our rules:

I’ve found that if I choose to browse I will of course be led to something I think “I need” or justify it. “Treat yo’self!” Because self-care and mama needs a break and deserves it.

Shopping is as much about emotion as it is about the action of the purchase. That is what has been the hardest thing to look at and realize.

Here are some basic steps to take the emotion out of an immediate reward purchase:

  • Removed credit card numbers from Amazon and anywhere else that’s easy spending!
  • Use something like ‘mint’ to see all of your accounts in one place to help assess spending, and savings.

The quality of your life is the quality of your habits.

Rachel Hollis

I knew that spending mindlessly had become a habit and not the good kind. This challenge is a reset to look at what parts of this habit we want to keep long term.

Is it always easy? NOPE!

Do I still miss Target? YES! But what I really miss is the perfectly organized and decorated home section. But I also know buying something here will not make my home into this same section, unless I do some major organizing and de-cluttering of the extra junk. And also a girl only has room in her cabinet for so many adorable coffee mugs!

But I also know that we have some big goals for ourselves. We have house projects and trips, and colleges and so much more we want to do! So everyday driving past the coffee place, I now can think “That’s $5 extra towards my mortgage” rather than thinking about all the delicious coffee I could be drinking.

Have you ever done a no-spending challenge for a day, week, month or longer? What difference did you see in your life? What clutter did you help free up and how did you feel afterwards?

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I'm a wife, mother to two incredible children. One on Earth and one in heaven.

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