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As long as I could remember I’ve dreamed about being a mama. It’s an absolute dream come true to be able to have my precious children to love and care for.

Choosing a path of healthier living makes my heart swell. I began my journey into the world of oils 2 years ago after we lost our 2nd baby and I was sent down a world I never anticipated entering. I became conscious about what was in our products, our water, our home. We switched products in our home (if you don’t have the “ThinkDirty” app yet get it!) and fell in love with products that have changed our lives!

I had no idea how much I was missing by not having a community of resource mama’s who’d gone on their own journeys. I now get to pinch myself that I get to teach others and build a community of mama’s like me. It’s my heart and goal to equip our team with education and personal growth!

You can learn more about me by checking out the blog with parts of our families life faith, loss, marriage, inspiration and things I love doing.

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